Learn How to Block a Website (Best Method)

Learn How to Block a Website with step by step instructions

If your computer is used by some one else besides yourself, specially children, then you might want to restrict some websites and make sure they do not open on your system. Here is a quick way to block such sites. It is extremely simple doesn’t require any third party application, you just need to make a simple entry in the /etc/hosts file.

 Block website in all web browsers

Browse C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc , find file hosts and open that file with notepad

The default Windows HOSTS looks like this:

Directly under the line that says Localhost, you will want to type: name of the URL you want to block

For example to block the website RedTube.com, simply type: redtube.com http://www.redtube.com

It is necessary to add a website with and without the "www".

You can add any number of websites to this list. My blocked sites looks like this

Then select File and click Save or press Ctrl+S

After this there will be blocked certain website in all web browsers.

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rebellion said...

nice info, thanks for sharing. I sometimes use this kind of method for crack but looks like its help for porno site, thanks a lot again. i will share in bahasa malaysia in my blog and i will credit to here

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