How to Get into the Blocked Websites in School/Colleges .

Bored at school, and want to get around the internet filter? Learn how to bypass school internet filters and unblock blocked websites.

Schools often attempt to block access to popular websites for a number of reasons. It only makes sense that they don't want you to visit sites that feature pornography or information regarding criminal activities such as drug use. However, it seems like they are blocking more and more sites that don't really cause any harm such as Bebo, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Tagged, and Yahoo.

Being able to access these sites could really make a boring class go by a bit quicker.
This is really easy, just go to a proxy site, type url and click Surf or Go . Proxy Sites do let you to connect to their server first before you reaching to the destination URLs.
Below is list of the proxy sites , which might work for you.

Another Way to Access blocked, banned websites

There is Proxy Server Software for Windows called CCProxy which lets all computers on the LAN access Internet through one single Internet connection. Just need to install Proxy Server CCProxy on the server which can access Internet directly and the other PC clients can connect to the Internet through the proxy software.

Here is a step by step solution to connect to any banned or blocked website using CCProxy:

1. Download and install CCProxy on your computer.
2. Run CCProxy and then click the Hide Button on the CCProxy interface.
3. Now you need to configure your browser lets say Internet Explorer in your case to use CCProxy to access blocked websites at your workplace.

4. Open IE (internet explorer) go to file menu>>tools>>internet options , now click on the connections tab
5. Click “LAN Settings”, and configure according the snapshots given below.
then click the advanced button.

Download CCProxy

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