Track Your Laptop or CellPhone | Trace Stolen Laptops

Recently  my friend bought a new laptop ,but it was stolen within few days .The good thing is that we have successfully recovered stolen laptop as i had installed a tracing software on his laptop and he had no troubles finding it.This can happen to anyone which is using the laptop or cellphone and having a tracing software installed on his laptop .

Here i am showing you a Free Laptop and cellphone tracing software called Prey.It keep track of your phone or laptop at all times , and  will help you find it if it ever gets lost or stolen.And it just works


How it works

Basically you install a tiny agent in your PC or phone, which silently waits for a remote signal to wake up and work its magic.
This signal is sent either from the Internet or through an SMS message, and allows you to gather information regarding the device's location, hardware and network status, and optionally trigger specific actions on it.

Notice: This file is Trojan as detected by some antivirus, but the thing is every such files are called trojan, as the process is to Track your system and view your systems reports. But be secure, this file is not harmful for your system or for your personal information. This software is made By PRey Project Company, and they take responsibility of it.


 How to Download and Install Prey

1. First of all download Prey project file from their official website.

2. After Downloading, Install the File and then

- They will ask for either standalone and +control panel.
- Go for +control panel, and than Click For New User.
- Give Your Name, Your Email and select Password to login the site.than press Ok. 

- You will get Email from prey project, just activate your account there, and click your device and do the following settings: 
(click to enlarge image)

If you "ON" any of the above settings than be sure to remember password of "lock pass". It will show as the time you make it on. Just below the lock it will be written pass, and when alert is on the message will display whenever you login, "this laptop is stolen ...."-lol

So these were all steps now you can install and get secure. Now if its get stolen than you can track back .

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Turn your Pc/Laptop into a Mosquito Killer [Repell Mosquitoes with Computer]

Have you ever thought about killing Mosquitoes with your Computer .It seems to be Funny but it is real and You can get rid of  Mosquitoes ,Cockroaches and other annoying Insects .

Now Stop using Chemical based Insecticides to kill Mosquitoes andDownload any of these given Anti Mosquito Softwares and Programs to repel those annoying insects and be safe and greener .

              [Background & Idea ] How does it Work ?

Dragonflies are the mortal enemy of mosquitoes and during there flight they generate sound frequencies between 67 Hz and 45Hz (depending upon their size) .So ,In those frequencies ,56Hz is a good average number.

Your Computer Speakers will work well for this Purpose.There are many Sound and tone generator programs available on internet for both the Windows and Mac .Just Setup the computer with Sound/tone generator Program running and play the sound through Computer Speakers which can be aimed directionally for complete room coverage .
Sound level on the speakers should be adjusted so that it is barely audible audible . This arrangement can be setup in a bedroom where you would like to have the window open but are worried about mosquitoes. One speaker should be fairly close to where you are sleeping .

So what we are going to do is generating a sound of 56Hz from our Speakers which will repel and keep them away and sounds of this frequency also kills all those insects .

Here are some links to more advanced tone generator software which can actually sweep between the 45 Hz and 67 Hz frequencies :

 NCH Tone Generator      (Click on 'SKIP AD' after opening the link)

 Test Tone Generator    (Click on 'SKIP AD' after opening the link)

           You can Google Tone Generators from here .

After Downloading and installing the program .
Just play and set the sound between 67Hz and 47Hz .
And you are Done !!.

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Facebook Pro Searching | Facebook Search Tips and Tricks

With over 350 Million registered users and millions of pages, groups and applications, it is becoming increasingly hard to find the right information on Facebook. Gladly, there are ways to enhance your Facebook search experience and do it like a pro. Here are some great tips and tricks to get you started:

1. How to search for people on Facebook easily:

Firstly, if you are searching for a person, start your search with user: or people: or name:. These tags tell Facebook that you are only looking for a person and are not interested in groups or applications. You can narrow down these searches by appending the age range and company name.
For example we want to look for a person called Tim who is somewhere between 20 and 23 and works for Apple. We would enter the search query:
user: Tim y1: 20 y2: 23 company: apple

2. Search Multiple terms at a time:

You can combine two search terms by adding the | sign between the terms. For example, you want to search for people who are named Tim Johnson as well as people who are named Michael Jordan. You will enter the search query as:
Tim Johnson | Michael Jordon
 Simlarly You can also search Facebook for two, three, four, or more things at once by adding the “|” sign (minus the quotation marks) between the terms.

3. Narrow down your search:

If you can’t remember all these tags, simply enter the keyword in the search box and once you have the results, narrow them down by clicking on events, groups, applications, pages e.t.c.

4. How to find classmates or coworkers on Facebook:

If nothing else works, do remember that Facebook has special search options to find your old classmates and coworkers on Facebook. Classmate search allows you to search by High school or college while Coworker search lets you search by the company name.

5. How to search Facebook for content:

If you are searching for content on Facebook, do remember that you can narrow it down by posts from friends: and posts from everyone. You can either use these tags in the search bar or narrow down your results once they are displayed.
Hopefully these tips will help you search Facebook more efficiently and smartly. We would love to hear other Facebook search tips from you!

 Some Search Shortcuts :
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Facebook Announced New Security Tool | Facebook One Time Password ( OPT )

Facebook, currently the most popular social network, released a new feature in the form of disposable passwords. This feature is intended for those of you who access up using computers from a public place.
How to use “disposable password” is very easy. Users who want to log in up from the computer in a public place does not have to use the original password, but can get a “password disposable” by phoning 32665 from mobile phones.
Once the phone has been connected with the account up, users will receive SMS replies in the form of “temporary password” that can only be used once and is valid for 20 minutes.
The presence of this new feature certainly adds a sense of security for the users up. They do not need to worry when the forget log out after accessing Facebook from a public place. Because the password will expire in 20 minutes.
Service features will be gradually introduced to all users up and will be available worldwide within the next few weeks.
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