Facebook Announced New Security Tool | Facebook One Time Password ( OPT )

Facebook, currently the most popular social network, released a new feature in the form of disposable passwords. This feature is intended for those of you who access up using computers from a public place.
How to use “disposable password” is very easy. Users who want to log in up from the computer in a public place does not have to use the original password, but can get a “password disposable” by phoning 32665 from mobile phones.
Once the phone has been connected with the account up, users will receive SMS replies in the form of “temporary password” that can only be used once and is valid for 20 minutes.
The presence of this new feature certainly adds a sense of security for the users up. They do not need to worry when the forget log out after accessing Facebook from a public place. Because the password will expire in 20 minutes.
Service features will be gradually introduced to all users up and will be available worldwide within the next few weeks.


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