How to make an UnDeleteable Folder

Learn how to make an undeletable folder. You can protect your important folders by making them undeletable.

Sometimes happens that someone is deleting a folder, which is very important to you. If you would like to avoid anything similar happening in future, you can protect your important folders by making them undeletable. Here i'll show you simple tutorial, which can help you.

1. Open cmd ( Type in Run option, the command 'cmd' or navigate to All Programs->Accessories-> Command Prompt)

2. In cmd change to the directory that you want ( you can use the commands " cd..." to exit the curent folder and "E:" for example to change from your current drive to E drive.

3. Type md \lpt1\\ and press enter, the folder now will be in your E:

4. If you try to delete or rename it, it will appear error message

5. If you want to delete it just go to 'cmd', navigate to the directory and type rd \lpt1\\ and press Enter.

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