Windows Game Cheats | Tricks for pinball ,Freecell,solitare

Today ,I'm going to post some important and useful Windows default game cheats.

1.Tricks for Pinball
  1. To get extra balls
          type "1max" at the start of the new game
     2.  To increase your ranking 
                    without playing type "rmax"

2.To Win in FreeCell 
  Press and hold: "Ctrl + Shift + F10"    
and Plz let me know about your Experiences !!

3.To win in Solitare

Have You Ever Played Solitare ? How many games have you Won & Lost ? Do you want to Have a 100% record? Then This Blog is For You....
Press and hold: "Alt + Shift + 2"

You'll win the game for sure , No matter how long you were playing,how many cards dealt,just press these combination and You are Done - Winning!!!

I'll Be Posting Some Few More Tricks Soon....
Till then 
Enjoy [:)]
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