Useful Facebook Shortcut keys

If you know keyboard shortcuts then you life becomes more easy and quick. Everyone knows some basic shortcut keys for windows, but do you know keyboard shortcut key for Facebook…? Nowadays Facebook is leading as the top most visited social networking website among all.
With the help of below provided hotkeys for Facebook you can navigate between homepage, access different setting pages and even can search with the help of these shortcut keys. Checkout the below provided list and implement this hotkeys, you will be easily remembering these keys once you get familiar to them.

List of Facebook shortcut keys:
Alt + 1 Return to Facebook Homepage
Alt + 2 To goto Wall tab of your profile page
Alt + 3 To view Friends Requests list drop down list
Alt + 4 To view latest Messages list in drop down list
Alt + 5 To view Notification list drop down list
Alt + 6 To goto Account setting webpage
Alt + 7 To goto Account privacy configuration webpage
Alt + 8 To open Facebook fan page at
Alt + 9 To open Facebook’s Statement of Rights & Responsibilities
Alt + 0 To open Facebook Help Center
Alt + m To create new message
Alt + ? For cursor control in the Search Box

Note: The above provided shortcut keys are used without the (+) key, it is only used to represent the combination. Firefox users need to press SHIFT key instead or With  ALT keys for the shortcuts to work depending upon the firefox version .


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